Universal Exercise Bike With Stepper, Twister & Dumbbell

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This multi functional recumbent exercise bike with seat & back Support – 4 handle is very strong. It comes with a Waist Twister, Mini-Stepper, 4 handles,. Use this exercise bike for 20 minutes per day work-out for 30 days and experience a reduction of about 2kg or more. Its a combination of twister, stepper, dumbbells with dual action handle bars, combine cycling with rowing action.
The mini-stepper allows you to simulate the motions of climbing stairs, walking up hills and similar forms of cardiovascular exercise while the waist twister aids in building core strength around your he spine, hips, abdomen and and it also helps in maintaining balance. This product is essentiall for loosing weight and burning of calories. Good for building leg muscles, arm muscles and heart muscles. It also has an LCD screen showing: Pulse, Calorie count, Time, Speed, Heart rate Monitor, Distance. It has a cone bearings and 1 piece crank shaft,wind wheel dia 490mm. It also consists of adjustable tension straps with tension knobs and adjustable seat. User’s max weight is 120kg.