Universal Chef – Studio Soft Box Continuous Light 4 Bulbs Socket With 50x70cm Softbox + Stand

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This  versatile 4 head continuous softbox fitted     light, can be used to compliment an existing       studio setup or solely for a more minimal lighting project. The light can be used for most photography purposes included portrait and product photography, can also be used for videography. 50 x 70cm Softbox, constructed with a highly reflective inner surface and a photography grade white diffuser, use to create a natural diffused light, reducing the extreme highlights and sharp shadows which would be produced from direct lights, please note that the white diffuser can be removed from the softbox if a direct floodlight effect is desired.

The  Lampholder holds upto four bulbs, combined with the 4 supplied 135w bulbS.The lampholder has two switches on the back so you can turn two lights off at a time reducing the light produced by half if you need it. The bulb sockets are E27.

The energy saving fluorescent 5500k bulbs provide the ideal light colour temperature for photography, the natural daylight they reproduce give your photographs a truer or more natural colour balanced representation of the subject than gained when using 6400k or 2700k bulbs. They are also low heat lighting and are much safer and comfortable to work with when compared to incandescent lighting. CRI > 88

Lightweight aluminium alloy light stands adjusts from 0.75 to 1.2m in height using two single actions nut locks, providing fast precision height adjustments. They are fitted with a 5/8″ spigot and 1/4″ screw thread.

  • Super lamp holder with four E27 sockets & 2 toggle switches (100-240V 50/60Hz)135w 5500k Daylight Energy Saving Bulbs (220-230V 50/60Hz)
  • Light allows 180w (equivalent 900w in candescent bulbscontinuous lighting
  • 50 x 70cm Softbox for soft diffused light
  • Lightweight fully adjustable stand extends 0.75. IN BOX

4 x 135w 5500k Bulbs.1 x 1.8 m Light Stands.1 x Studio Light with 4 Bulb Sockets1 x .  .1 x 50x70cm SoftbOX

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