Universal Acupressure Magnetic Knee And Back Brace Support & Reliever

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Key Features

Be Active helps provide instant relief for lower back pain! The secret is the patented pressure pad, which provides pressure to key trigger points to help alleviate nerve pain radiating from the lower back to the legs. Helps ease pain associated with sciatica and chronic lower back pain. Great for men or women, it works on your left or right leg, and can be worn over or under clothing. Adjustable; one size fits all.

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  • Patented pressure pad applies targeted pressure to a specific pressure point to provide relief from sciatic and related back pain
  • Relieves both short term and chronic sciatic back pain
  • Easy to slip on
  • Works for the left or right leg
  • Easily hidden under your clothing
  • Delivers firm pressure even while exercising
  • includes 1 BeActive Brace, one size fits all