Universal A Pair Of 2kg Dumbbell

3,000 2,300

Key Features
  • Great for home or studio workouts
  • Great for physiotherapy exercises
  • Grips easily in sweaty hands
  • ¬†Materal;Solid coated cast iron
  • 2 pieces 2kg each
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Dumbbell is a simple and practical way to add weight training to any health and fitness regimen. It focuses training on upper body muscles, and builds strength and endurance.

The 2kg hand weight set is perfect for home strength training and workouts. An important component of any balanced fitness program, strength training is key to creating a strong central core. Lean muscle mass increases your metabolism, burning more calories and reducing fat. Add strength training to any workout routine to maximize overall body conditioning. + Neoprene coating eliminates cracking & fading. + Solid cast-iron construction
This Dumbbell is made with high quality, comfortable handles, easy to use. It comes in pairs. It has a special surface rubber coating. It is excellent for building the upper body.