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Key Features
  • Virtual Reality for Smartphones 
  • 55mm aspherical optical resin lenses with extremely wide viewing angles
  • Compatible for most Android phones or iOs 7 (iPhone 4S and above)
  • Convenient mid line alignment for precise visual configuration
  • Adjustable focal length and object distance.
  • Due to the elastic Head mount the weight is transferred to the head instead of face or eyes
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Step into a world of virtual 3D gaming and movies. These VR Glasses enable you to experience the incredible world of 3D with the power of your existing smartphone. This VR headset is suitable for phones measuring from 4.7 to 6 inches so its suitable for most Smartphones. 
With a plastic frame and resin lenses the VR Box virtual reality headset is light and durable. The thick padding ensures its comfy to wear and because the focal depth and interpupillary distance can be adjusted this headset fits just about every persons head shape and size and is suitable for people with different vision so even if you normally need glasses the headset should still fit you well. 
The slid fitting phone tray makes it quick and easy to install or remove your phone while cut out slots at the side let you use the headset with headphones plugged into your phone as you will have reasonable access to either side of your device. 
The VR Box glasses work with phones that support 3D side by side video playing and when used with a Bluetooth controller will even allow you to enter the world of 3D VR gaming. For use with iOS and Android phones such as iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei and many more. Just go to your app store and search for apps and games suitable for use with VR headsets such as the Google cardboard, alternatively search for 3D side by side videos to enjoy the full cinematic experience, any time anywhere with your very own portable 3D cinema.