Universal 12.5kg Gas Cylinder With Hose And Metered Regulator

20,000 12,999

Key Features
  • The regulator shows gas level and helps you know when to place order
  • Regulator automatically stops the gas flow if a major leakage is detected
  • The hose has the ability to withstand pressure of gas supply by the cylinder
  • The cylinder, built with materials that guarantee durability and prevent leakage
  • Gas cooking system hepls to intensify flame; thus hastens up your cooking
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This 12.5Kg Empty Gas Cylinder is built with strong metal materials that guarantee durability and prevent of leakages and coated with anti-rust paint to prevent rusting, . It works with any gas cooker immediately it is connected to it. The cylinder comes with 4-yard hose and Gas Regulator – a high quality, leakage detecting regulator with the ability to automatically stop the flow of cooking gas if a major leak is detected.Using Gas cooker is environmental friendly when compared to kerosene stove that emits CO2 which is dangerous to your health and the environment, so you need one.