Tres-Orix Forte Weight Gain Syrup

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Key Features

• Appetite stimulant• Fast weight gain• Boost the immune system

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The tres-orix forte vitamin syrup contains a lot of nutrients that help your appetite to recover from the cause of your weight loss. However, tres-orix forte helps to stimulate the mind to eat which slows down the metabolism and gaining in weight fast in as little as 2 weeks of consumption.Vitamin syrups promote weight gain are vital to recovering from a severe loss of appetite or a serious medical condition that causes you to lose weight. Vitamin syrups contain essential vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes that stimulate the appetite and put you right back on track after weight loss.
So, if you are underweight, naturally skinny, looking to bulk up, or have an eating disorder you should seriously consider taking trex-orix forte syrup.
 Recomended dosage• 10ml thrice daily before food.