Tesco Incline Cushioned Sit-Up Bench With Head Rest – Black

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Key Features
  • Sturdy And Durable
  • Helps To Build & Define Your Body
  • For Stretching, Abs & Leg Work Out, Push Up And Back Sit-Up
  • hick, Wide And Scientifically Designed Bench
  • Freestanding Decline Bench Offers Wide Variety Of Core Workouts
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This sit-up bench exercises improve the strength of the abdominal muscles and the flexor group of muscles of the hip and upper thigh.
Suitable for sit-ups, abdominal work, and upper body workouts, this incline/sit-up bench comes with a padded backrest and includes foam leg supports to provide you with a safe and comfortable workout in the comfort of your own home. It features an adjustable incline/height to tailor the intensity to your fitness level. Made of steel for durability, the bench folds flat for easy transportation and storage.
Sit on the Sit-up Bench, with the feet down, held under the support bar. Lie on your back with legs slightly bent. Raise the shoulders and upper body off the bench, feeling the muscular contraction in the abdomen and flexors. Return slowly, Repeat. Resistance can be varied depending on the extent to which the legs are bent — straight legs providing the most resistance. Also, the further back the arms and elbows, the greater the resistance.
You can also vary the exercise by grabbing the bar, overhead with the hands and raising the legs. This will place more emphasis on the lower abdominals and hips. Resistance will depend on the straightness of the legs. The straighter the legs, the more difficult the exercise.
Perform 8 to 20 repetitions depending on strength and variation used. As always, begin easily and impose no excessive strain.