Sennheiser UHF Wireless Microphone System With LCD Display & Vocal Microphones – XSW-35

20,000 18,500

Key Features
  • Two wireless Handheld Vocal Microphones with the best sound output you can ever find on a wireless in this range.
  • Multi-channel high band anti-interrupting wave;thereby eliminating interference successfully.
  • Operating Distance: 100 to 150 meters
  • PLL-synthesized fixed, working separately even if used even at the same time.
  • Companding design to expand effective range.
  • Eliminates feedbacks and noise.
  • Sensitive receiving design with antennas positioned at the front of the receiver.
  • Perfect performance gear for church,musical concerts and many more.
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The Sennheiser XSW-35 Pro UHF Wireless microphone is the latest
generation of its company—UHF PLL-synthesized units.Representing a
major breakthrough in
both price and performance, it offers the superior performance,
convenience and operational advantage of a top frequency-agile UHF
wireless system. The system delivers 32 user auto- selecteable channels
any of several available 25MHz wide bands in the uncluttered wide-open
high UHF range (790-865MHz) for optimum clear channel capability in any