Polystar 1.5HP Air Conditioner – PV-12CS/SE + Kit

94,000 84,000

Key Features
  • Cooling Only
  • Dehumidify
  • Intelligent Control
  • With digital display
  • Elegant and Compact Design
  • Anti-rust 100%
  • Eco-Friendly Cooling
  • 40% Faster Cooling
  • Power friendly
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The split unit air conditioner features 40 percent of faster cooling
with low voltage which offers you continuous cooling when the main power
is low therefore you do not need to worry about the insufficiency of
unstable and high voltage. Rely on the capacity of the 1.5 HP as it
gives you powerful cooling from the designed motor and resonator during
extreme hot weather. The unique split air conditioner comes with
numerous incredible features that makes it stand out from its kind and
offer you maximum coolness to make your life extremely refreshed.