Photographic Lighting Lamp Led Video Light For Dslr & Cameras – Dimmable – Bi-col

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Sutefoto Photographic Lighting Lamp LED Video Light For Dslr & Cameras – Dimmable – Bi-colour


SUTEFOTO is a company dedicated to photographic equipment, Through continuous efforts and study, we have harvested much good feedback from photography enthusiasts, very grateful.



  • Adjustable colour temperature system, you can easily adjust the colour temperature from 3200K to 5600K. brightness range is 1%-100%.
  • Lightweight and durable, weight is about 4lb, no matter you Travel or go on holiday, you can go with it.
  • This Bi-color LED Video Light can be powered by professional camera batteries.
  • This light can be set between 1-48 channel, no interference if the light in a different channel. Adjust one of the light power, the power will sync to the other LED light which under the same channel and group.
  • Wireless control-This light can be set between A.B C.D.E.F group, each group can have a lot of lights. To control the lights in the same group, you have to set in the same channel first.
  • Turn off the light power will keep the existing setting, turn on the light again in the next time, all the set will be the same.



video light

SUTEFOTO LED 660A PRO 600 Beads (3200-5600K)

Enable you to love photography shooting



Colour Temperature (3200K-5600K)


video lighting

led lights



light control lights

SUTEFOTO 660A Pro can as a master light to control multi-lamp in

the same state of the same state of the same channel to realize

multi-lamp synchronization. 660 A Pro, has 48 channels,

4 times the same kind of led video light on the market.

6 groups (A-F ), you can also set the slave light on

the different channels, and the master

light selectively control

the specified

slave lights.



led studio lights


  • knobs: a knob to adjust the brightness of the video light from 1% to 100%, a knob to adjust the colour temperature of the video light changes 2300K-5600K, more, we add a quick knob, that you can quickly adjust the brightness to 1% 25% 50% 75% 100%.
  • Powered by AC Adapter (included) or Sony F series power supply battery.
  • made of aviation aluminium metal case provides an excellent cooling effect, Thermal Case: Aluminum alloy thermal texture shell, the use of photographic lighting does not produce a little noise, the appearance of novel
  • U-shaped frame can rotate 355 degrees, for multi-angle photography is of great Help




Panel light


  • Model: LED-660A pro
  • Power:40W
  • Color Temperature:3200-5600K
  • LED Beads:600pcs(300White+300Yellow)
  • Voltage:DC 14V-18V
  • INPUT: AC 110V-240V
  • Lumen:4800Lux/m
  • CRI:≥95
  • Life of LED: more than 50,000 hours