Nexus GAS COOKER – GCCR-NX-5055W (4+0)

50,000 33,750

Key Features
  • 4 Gas Burner
  • Oven with grill
  • Glass oven door with Lamp
  • Dish Warmer at the bottom
  • Glass Lid
  • Super Fast and Gas Efficient
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Nexus Turkey Gas Cooker NX-5055W (4+0) TURKEY GAS COOKER  comes with  burners that burn at different intensities, all powered by cooking gas. This allows you to cook all kinds of food at your desired temperature. It also gives you enough room for cooking a variety of dishes at the same time. Designed with  a Spacious Oven with Easy to use Grill and Turnspit Glass Oven Door.It only comes with a wire grate and not an oven tray.
This Nexus Gas Cooker Oven is very durable, gas-efficient, easy to use and also easy to clean. It brings out the beauty in your kitchen and makes both cooking, grilling and baking to be so much fun!
4 Gas Burner>Oven with grill>Glass oven door>Lamp>Dish Warmer at the bottom> Glass Lid>Super Fast>Gas Efficient> Easy-to-Clean>Easy-to-Use.