Louis Will Wireless Intercom Doorbell, Electric Door Bell/Chime/Buzzer With Intercom System For Home,Flats,Office,Door,Bedroom.600ft Range,Kits Include 1 Transmitter And 1 Receiver,Gold

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Key Features
  • Wireless Intercom Doorbell: This doorbell supports talk between inner and external bell. Step 1: visitors have to press the outdoor bell button first, then the receiver will get ringed. Step 2: Pressing the receiver button and talk. Step 3: Releasing receiver button, and after that, outside button will get voice. Step 4: Visitors can talk again by repeating that.
  • Ultra-long Transmission: Effective transmission distance up to 600 feet in open air, You can hear each other clearly within 150 feet between two walls. Quite enough for family or office use.
  • Safe Environment friendly: The product frequency is in line with state regulation which will not produce harmful electromagnetic interference. It has global CE FCC ROSH certifications also. Raw material primary ABS resin is wear-resistant, scratch proof and environment friendly.
  • Easy to Install: The doorbell can be fixed on the wall with high quality adhesive sticker which is unable to remove doorbell by hands once sticked.(included). You can place it in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, study room, everywhere you want. Devices are applied to home, apartments, hotels, supermarkets, and office.
  • Low Power Consumption: Outdoor bell is powered by 4pcs alkaline battery, work for more than 4 month. Indoor one is rechargeable Li-ion battery with 48 hours standby. We recommended to keep the indoor bell charging.
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1.To better understand our product and make it work for you, please read user manual before installation. And use our product as described in this manual.
2.When you switch the talk between the push button and receiver, keep the distance for more than 2M. Or signal interference will occur and both may screech.
3.Most of the doorbell in the market are directly plugged in the power supply. The reason why we choose the rechargeable Li-ion battery is users can carry the indoor bell to answer the door anywhere they want.
4.This device comply with rulers and regulations related to FCC, CE, CCC.
How to work:
Press Ring Button on outdoor-bell, indoor-bell will ring, hold answer button on the indoor-bell to speak
Pair Method:
1. Turn indoor-bell on and hold Answer Button for about 5 seconds, then release this button, LED flash quickly, now, click the Ring Button on the outdoor-bell.
2. When LED on the indoor-bell go out, it means they pair successfully.
Indicator for low power:
1. Outdoor-bell: LED flash slowly, please replace the battery
2. Indoor-bell, LED flash slowly, please recharge it
3. For indoor-bell, please connect to power source all the time.
Size: 4*2.4*0.5inch
Working temperature: -20℃~55℃
Wireless distance: 200M(without obstacle); 50-100m(with obstacle)
Frequency: 467.64MHZ
Indoor-bell Power Supply: Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Outdoor-bell Power Supply: 4 x AAA battery(Not included)