Louis Will Toddler Car Seat Neck Relief And Head Support Fits Easily Installation On Most Convertible Seats Offers Protection And Safety To Toddlers And Kids, Blue Monkey

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Key Features
  • High quality:Made by 100% cotton and thick,make it safe and comfortable for using
  • Adjustable: Comfortable filling properties and increase comfort,adjustable plastic buckle
  • Keeps your child comfortable and no more neck strains while naps in his or her infant carrier, car seat, or stroller
  • It fits any convertible or child seat with ease. It works just right out of the box just open it and attach it with the sea
  • Appropriate to the child’s head support, relieves neck strain for sleepy toddlers riding along for nap time car rides and lengthy road trips
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For baby child’s head support, relief, comfort during car rides and long road trips.

Comfortable filling properties that improve posture relieve stress.

An adjustable plastic buckle with elastic to fit all head sizes.

Suitable for any baby seats, car seats, strollers

How to use it:

1. Unclick the buckle and adjust the black elastic strap to fit the child’s head when supported.

2. Place the padded fabric section on the child’s head and thread the black straps around the infant carrier, car seat, or stroller’s backing for support.

3. Reset the buckle and recheck how the headband rests on the child’s head.


Size of Front Strap: 11.8inch length, 3.1inch width

Length of Back Strap: 27.6inch


This product is designed for children over 7 months.