Louis Will HDTV Antenna – 2018 Newest Indoor Amplified Digital TV Antenna 4K HD VHF UHF Signal TV Channels For Smart Television With Detachable Amplifier

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Key Features
  • FREE CHANNELS INDOOR ANTENNA– Cut monthly cable and get access to local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports, educational programs etc., The 75 mile HDTV Antenna lets you enjoy over-the-air networks in your area without paying a monthly fee.
  • CLEAR 1080P HD RECEPTION — Please first visit “” or “” to check how many broadcast towers surrounding you within 75 miles. Enjoy crystal clear HDTV shows, 720p, 1080i, 1080p – ATSC available. HDTV antenna pulls in hundreds of crystal clear digital HD shows! Receives free HD channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and more.
  • AMPLIFIER SIGNAL– HD antenna amplifier is included to provide added range and maximum signal reception for more channels if you are far away from broadcast towers. IMPORTANT: This is an amplified TV antenna. If a signal cannot be received with the external amplifier, remove the antenna amplifier and try again.
  • You can place the indoor antenna where the signal is the strongest. Makes indoor tv antenna easier to get the best reception, especially for customers whose televisions are quite far away from windows.
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Working Frequency : VHF(172-240Mhz) UHF(470-860Mhz)
VSWR : le;1.5
Impedence : 75 Omega;
LNA Gain : 25dB
Reception Range: 75 miles
Before you buy, visit antennapoint to check how many broadcast towers surrounding you within 75miles.
Super Paper Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna
a. Absolutely no monthly fee to watch your favorite shows.
b. Excellent high definition reception on all FM/VHF/UHF channels.
c. Painted to match any home deacute;cor without affecting antenna reception or resulting in signal loss.
d. Vansky tv antenna is F style interface which can match 98% America TVs.
e. Place digital antenna on anywhere including flat or curved area, wall or window glass, etc.
f. 3 steps Installation: connect coaxial cable /AC adapter, place antenna, search channels and enjoy!
g. Extra high performance long 16.5 feet coaxial cable provides you with extra convenience.
Having HDTV antenna will enable you to watch local news, weather, sports programs, kids shows and sitcoms that satellite and cable offer without any cost.