Louis Will 12V/24V Digital LCD Cigarette Lighter Auto Car Voltmeter / Gauge Voltage Volt Meter (Black)

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Key Features
  • Operating voltage:DC 12V/24V (Universal); Measuring range:DC 8-30V
  • Plug:Cigarette Lighter plug; Protection:Built-in fuse; Measurement sampling:3 times/sLED Display
  • Displays the voltage of batteries in the carWith high brightness of LED,there is no difficulty in seeing the display
  • Installment:Clean the Cigar socket,Insert the jack of the product into a Cigar socket
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Car Battery voltage monitor:
1>Normal value:DC 12.2-12.8V.
2>Lower than 11.6V:need to close/reduce the loads,and launch engine charging as soon as possible.
3>Lower than 10V:the generator may not be able to start.
Car Generator voltage monitor:
1>Normal value:DC 13.4-14.8V.
2>Lower than 13.4V:Will not be able to charge the battery,please check the generator belt and the car loads.
3>Higher than 14.8V:Power generation excessive,easy to damage the battery and the loads ,please check the generator regulator.
Notice:automotive ignition instant,please don’t let the voltmeter to stay in the socket.