Lontor Rechargeable Lamp With USB + Solar Panel

10,000 5,850

Key Features
  1. USB output
  2. Eye care design
  3. 2800Mah/ 6v 3w
  4. Huge capacity
  5. Solar panel
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RECHARGEABLE LAMPEssential for every home, this product meets the required standard of quality, durability and maximum utility. With guaranteed optimum performance,  this product is bound to meet all of your home needs. Get this at the best price on  Jumia Nigeria. Jumia Nigeria has the best price for Home & Office Appliances and Accessories, take advantage of our diverse collection of home appliances and accessories like this, from the best brands in the world and our unbeatable service which includes doorstep delivery
Lontor is a trusted brand that specializes in rechargeable electrical product. This Model of rechargeable LED Emergency lamps is a special simple design for easy and convenient use, its elegant design allows you to direct the light rays to where you want it to focus. It comes with a USB port for the convenient charging of your phone. Giving Users the best experience and comfort in using emergency lamps.‎ 
SOLAR PANELThis is a mini solar charging panel, with 5 in 1 discharging cable, you can charge your mobile directly, and it can charge 5 appliances at the same time. Imagine how terrible it is when your phone runs out of power and you just couldn’t find a way to charge it when you’re outside, or when you wanna keep your fan blowing on a hot day and unfortunately stopped by power outage. A solar panel helps solving these problems. Just connect a suitable solar panel to your phone or the fan, and then place the panel outside under the sunshine. The most efficient way to charge is to let the panel be perpendicular to the sun ray by 90 degree during 11:00 am to 15:00 pm in sunny day.