Lontor 16″ Rechargeable Standing Water Mist Fan With USB And Solar Charge Port – LONTOR

38,000 25,500

Key Features
  • centrifugal mist fan.
  • Improve the quality of the air
  •  Reduces the dust
  • 9 speed setting
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 This beautiful scientifically designed Rechargeable Standing Water Mist Fan is perfect for eliminating the heat wave with purified mist. 

* This is important to note that it is built for indoor and outdoor purposes, thus this misting fans release a fine spray of water alongside with air movement for an amplified cooling effect. 

* This oscillating fan is powerful enough to cool up to 950 square feet.

* Under the action of rotating disk and misting device, water turns into ultra small droplets by the centrifugal force, which enlarges the surface of evaporation tremendously.