Legrand 800VA UPS NIKY

19,000 13,800

Key Features
  • Single Ph UPS
  • Power output 480VA
  • VI Line- Interactive
  • • Energy saving function with UPS green mode
  • • Line Interactive design
  • • Fully digitized microprocessor controlled
  • • SMD technology
  • • Wide input voltage and frequency window
  • • Boost and buck AVR
  • • Three(3)LED indication for easy understanding
  • • Automatically charging in UPS off mode
  • • Automatically self-detection when start-up
  • • Auto restart while AC recovery
  • • Compatible with generators
  • • Intelligent battery management
  • • RJ45; USB(optional) 
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The Legrand UPS Keor SPX 600-800 model is an uninterruptible power source with interactive line technology. It delivers a rated power of 600 – 800VA, it is CPU-controlled and is equipped, internally, with valveregulated, hermetically sealed lead accumulator batteries to guarantee a long back uptime. The presence of an electronic stabiliser (AVR) inside the UPS provides the connected loads with effective protection against any interference in the electrical mains. This UPS is available in three versions with different types of output sockets:  

2 Multistandard output socket t 310300 – 310301 German standard (type F) input cord t 310305 – 310306 US standard (type B) input cord t 310315 – 310316 British standard (type G) input cord

4 IEC C13 output sockets (1 C13-C14 output cable included in the delivery kit) t 310320 – 310321 German standard (type F) input cord t 310325 – 310326 British standard (type G) input cord

Keor SPX 600-800 is managed by a microprocessor and is able to display the following alarms and operating modes through 1 status LED: t OPSNBM PQFSBUJPO t CBUUFSZQPXFSFE PQFSBUJPO t PWFSMPBEFE t HFOFSJD BOPNBMZ t CBDLVQ UJNF t FOE PGVQUJNF