Lavender Oil Effective Scar Removal Perfect

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Key Features
  • stubborn scar.
  •  stretch marks.
  • high temperature burns.
  • Caesarean section scar.
  • Inhibits and reduces keloids.
  • Treats external wound.
  • knife stabs scar.
  • Mosquitoes bite scar
  • Pimples
  • And does other effective skin repair. 
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Customers’ reviews have PROVEN  that lavender scar removal oil eliminates:
☑️  stubborn scar.☑️ stretch marks.☑️high temperature burns.☑️Caesarean section scar.☑️Inhibits and reduces keloids.☑️Treats external wound.☑️knife stabs scar.☑️And does other effective skin repair. Experience the power of horse oil through the use of lavender oil as it removes all forms of scar, mosquitoe bite scars pigmentation and other effective repairs,.28 days to wake up the secret of print.
This compound esential skin clothing oil is mechanically processed from natural ingredients that perfectly eliminates all kinds of skin pigmentation.Production license no:yue make up 20160443Shelf life 3yearsApplication. Massage on the affected area twice a day, noticeable different in 28 days maximum, Net content: 30g product bar code:6920112215154
The shelf life is written in Chinese on the packaging carton. The above information is gotten directly from the manufacturer.Highlighted in the image is the pictures of ingredients and other effective skin use.
Perfectly made to soothe all skin types