Kinoflo Studio/ Filming White Light + Stand + Florescent

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It comes tested with stand and complet flourecent. 


There are many kinds of light. 

Sometimes the issue with general sets/studio is not many lights, but knowing how to use lights. Even as basic as sun light.


Apart from this there are basic light needed to even achieve an electric flawless picture weather for photgraphy, videos, or youtube videos. 


As simple as it may SOUND The basic need for light is to to eliminate shadows, light up subject for quality picture or set and create dramatic effect where necessary. If you can make your light do these thing then you are doing he right thing. 

You can do this by watching videos which will show you how to move the light into postions and how this can helps you achieve what you want. As simple as it may sound You can also do this on this on your own while you observe the result through your cameras, but also now that you know what your light should do for you, you can experiment to achieve these aims. Once you know how a good picture should look like from tones of sample over the internet you should know when you are using your light well. The problrm will likely be too much or too little light and light positions. That is If you are already ok with your set.


Too much light can be adjusted by switching off some of the lights in the kino flo with the off and on bottons that control part of  the 6 lights. The light can also be adjusted in 360 degrees to get your right position. Take sample shot or videos of different changes and compare to see what postion is working for you. Also master the postions that works for you so you can do that set up again and again. 


Unlike the redhead light the kinflo light come as 4 flourescent, 6 flourescent etc in one unit. This kino flo light here is a 6 flourescent light which means it will cover a wider range.

The kinoflo light is more like a back ground light, ones you switch it on you experirience this well lit ambience without a pourly lightened corner in the set/ studio. Its more like the basic light that you build other lights on. Especially if you are working without natural lights.


The endless possibilities and achievement a light can achieve is seen all around the screens especially on the internet these days and the rising importance of photography and good picture films.  

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