Kino Flo Studio Light – 6 Flourescent With Stand

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It can serve diverse purposes from filming, photography, making a youtube video, product shoot etc.

It comes with stand, 6 fluorescent and switches to regulate light.

Kino flo light is a white digital feel light.

When you use a natural light like sunlight, though the image can be clear which is good. If you observe some picture makers/ photographers purposeful infuse light marks in their works like reflecting it on a sunglass etc this is just to create an electric effect. It gives the viewer a feeling that the work is digital and glam. 

This kino flo will light up a place evenly like a beam of light unlike redhead that lights that strikes like a ray. Both lights have their different purposes. This kino flo light will definitely make a subject look more detailed, bold, outspoken but in a soft way because the kinoflo light is not a harsh light.


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