Kid’s E-learning Android Tab 2

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50+ top apps preloaded


  • Kids  comes fully-equipped with over 50 different apps for your child to choose from! From learning time to playtime, the preloaded app selection will give kids the chance to play games, read stories, solve puzzles and more.


parental controls
Help your child make great surfing decisions with high-tech parental controls. Kids  comes with flexible parental controls that allow for custom settings. Parents can even set time limits, ensuring that the  is only used during designated times!

7″ multi-touch screen
Designed with both style and functionality in mind, Kids , 7″ multi-touch screen will make gaming, reading and surfing the web easier than ever before. The fluid and fast response of the screen will have your child eager to learn and play on-the-go!

Stores tons of apps with the included 8GB of space




  • Kids Tab2 is the fastest, most powerful  in the world, made for kids to deliver the most amazing experience
  • A magical device that combines all the fun and entertainment kids love, with the security, durability and educational content that provides parents with peace of mind.Kids  is a fun, safe and innovative learning  created just for kids.It combines child-friendly features and cutting edge parental controls with pioneering technology and durable design. Kids  is designed especially for kids, with all the safety features parents need. And, it comes with over 50 preloaded free apps!


This is The Best Android  Especially Made For Kids


  • Kids  is the fastest, most powerful  in the world, made for kids, dedicated to delivering the most amazing experiences in: Learn. Play. Grow.
  • Academically And Instructionally Sound Learning.
  • Learning is more than just digesting the facts. Its a process that requires tenacious practice, mastery of core fundamentals, incremental feedback, and rewards. This is why we built Educational apps and Ebooks that combines these fundamentals into one incredible solution.
  • Teaching Good Choices, Not Limiting Them.



  • As parents, we can start teaching our children to make the right choices and be responsible for their decisions. As children grow, so do thenumber of choices they have to make. Making a choice requires a balance of self-confidence and the mental ability to think through the consequences of ones decisions. Kids  learning Apps assists parents in teaching children how to make the right choices.