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Key Features
  • Detail: 1000VA-R TEC Stabilizer
  • High Output Voltage Protection
  • High temperature Protection
  • Circuit Breaker To Cut Down Input When Overloaded
  • Carrying Handle for Convenience
  • Power Indicator
  • Maximum Power Efficiency and Fast Reaction
  • Wide Range Application-Suitable for Home and Office Appliances
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Haier Thermocool Stabilizer will protect your home and office appliances from irregular voltage that could damage them. It is specially made to tackle low voltage, high voltage and power fluctuation and will give you rest of mind because it will protect all your appliances. It is suitable for various types of appliances ranging from TV, washing machines, refrigerator, computers, and air conditioners amongst other appliances and is very efficient and will make your appliances to work better. You have been wondering why those expensive appliances don’t last long, it is because of low voltage and power surges. Every device and appliance has its own voltage requirement; so anything other than the recommended voltage will damage the device and that is why you need this stabilizer.

If your appliance is connected to the stabilizer, the voltage from public power will enter into the stabilizer and it will carry out any regulation that needs to be made before sending the power to the device. The stabilizer is easy to carry from one end to the other as it comes with a handle that is soft to the hands. The delay mechanism of the stabilizer is what gives your appliances protection; therefore enjoy long lasting appliances through this reliable stabilizer.
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About Haier Thermocool

A Brand of PZ Cussons in Nigeria, the Haier Thermocool Brand has been in the business of manufacturing top of the range consumer products and home appliances and electronics since the 70s. For Haier Thermocool, the key words are quality, reliability, service and innovation. That’s why each product is developed and manufactured to highest standards to meet specific needs of their customers. Each product also comes with a warranty and the promise of after-sales service.