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Key Features
  • – Designed dust-proof, rain-proof and shock-resistant.
  • – Support 4 different sockets, Full compatible with almost all USB devices.
  • – Can charge the power bank in two ways: by wall charger or USB cable.
  • – With LED indicators you will always know if your battery is 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% full.
  • – Suitable for use in the outdoor camping, night market, yard, emergency situations, etc.


1. Please make the battery fully charged for first time.
2. Battery capacity indicator:
– The first three indicators: electricity consumption is 50 to 100%
– The first two indicators: electricity consumption is 20 to 50%
– The first one indicator: capacity is less than 20%
3. Battery Maintenance
– Use a 6v 4.5Ah lead acid batteries for charging system, in order to make the battery last longer
– Do not expose the battery to place non-rechargeable.
– Even if not use, at least charge once every three months.

Packing list

1* Battery

2* LED bulbs

1* Cable

1* Solar panel


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    Solar lighting Kit is a portable solar lighting energy device. The device when fully charged can be used to power two bulbs and also charge your phone. It is made up of the device, three bulbs, solar panel and usb cables for charging different phone types. The device is potable and can be carried when travelling long journeys. It may take longer time to charge when the sunlight is not so bright. It is suitable for indoor use.. It is recharged automatically by sunshine and power for night use.Works for long hours when fully charged.It is small portable smart and bright. It save you cost and can light up an entire room. Ensure that the device is fully charged before your first use. If the light blinks, it means the power is very low and you have to recharge it. It may take a long time to fully charge the device without bright sunlight.It is suitable for both homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, clubs and every area where bright indoor light is required. This device works well.Note: The Fan Can Differ in Color.