Generic Slimming Patch Navel & Body Stick Fat Burner

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Key Features

*All natural *Herbal formula*Convenient*Easy to use

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This slimming patch is an all-natural herb formula, specially crafted to enhance weight loss and promote slimming without the need for strenuous and physically demanding exercises and workouts.

Works on the principle of  transdermal exchange.

It can be applied over the navel area for maximum effects and can be applied before sleep at night and taken off at dawn.

It can also be applied conveniently during the day while you do your daily routine; can be applied over any other part of the body where fat needs to be burned.

Continuous use for up to 2 months can yield up to 5kg in weight lost..

Each bag contains 10 pieces for 10 day use.

For external use only

How to Use: Remove the covering film and stick to the skin.