Generic Posture Corrector – Adjustable Clavicle Back Support Brace For Men & Women

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Key Features
  • The posture corrector will help relieve pains by fixing bad posture.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps with Velcro clousure.
  • Fairly comfortable to wear. 
  • Can be worn comfortably under or over clothing.
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A Back Brace for theWhole Family!

 Thedigital era has certain advantages, but they come with a price. Children,teenagers, adults, and seniors spend more and more time hunched over a screen,upper back bent and head pushed forward. Over time, bad posture hurts yourback, neck and spine, causing not only upper back pain, but also permanentproblems like hunchback.

 Fortunately,using a corrector brace is a great way to alleviate pain and prevent spinaldamages, and Fitophoria brings you the first adjustable posture corrector forthe whole family! Thanks to its versatile design, our Posture Corrector Brace helpschildren (age 14+) and adults:

Avoidslouching and improve posture

Correctspinal alignment

Stabilizethe spine and back muscles

Provideshoulder support

Standtaller and regain confidence


 Strengtheningyour postural muscles is an essential part of back posture correction. We wantto help you get rid of back pain for good, so when you order your posture straptoday, you will also receive:

 Weare proud of the quality of our spine corrector, but to fully understand thecare we put into these back braces, you need to test them for yourself. Made tofit chest sizes between 28” and 48”, the back corrector can be worn by bothadults and children (age 14+). They:

 Canbe adjusted to fit your size

Aremade from breathable neoprene

Followthe shape of your body

Providegentle correction and pain relief

Areodor resistant

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