Generic Mosquitoes Killer Lamp Electric Pest Repeller Multi-functions Energy Saving Pest Killer

3,000 900

Key Features
  •  Small and portable, takes up little space, easy and convenient to carry.
  •   Fashionable, a good decoration for your room.
  •   Fit for bedroom, drawing room, restaurant, hotel, etc.
  •   The shell is made of PVC plastic, strong and durable.
  •   Multi-functions — lighting, killing mosquitoes and decoration.
  •   Poisionless and polutionless, harmless to your health.
    Making use of the blue light from special light tube to lure insects
    such as mosquitoes, flies, etc and then the high voltage will kill these
  •   Soft, low-consumed light, making the conjugal room more brilliant.
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 Note- How it work-HOW IT WORKS-plug into power, once lamp is on, it draws mosquitos,
they touch the spring inside, it blows them off immediately leaving
only there pieces.To confirm this, just throw little fly or ant in the
lamp and watch it blows it into pieces.
you may not see big mosquitoes in the lamp, look closely, you will see
there pieces inside the lamp once it blows them off.

killer is designed with power saving, decorating, soft lights, so it
should be used in a place without strong lights — using the killer in
bed-room without turning on any other lights for 10-20 minutes, or put
the killer in the darkness under a table while studying, are all good
ways to use this killer.

improve the killing efficiency of the killer, it is necessary to clean
the dead bodies of mosquitoes regularly — first cut power supply, open
faceplate and then clean the dead bodies with soft brush.

24 hours continuously usage is suggested to extend the using limits of the tube.
Do not use hands to touch the mesh when the killer is at work.This Item is 220V.