Generic Mini Air Conditioner Bladeless Tower USB Fan

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Looking for USB powered Fan? Look no more, our High Efficient USB powered Mini Tower Fan comes with rotary blade and only consume 2.5 Watt of power. Designed with 2 air speeds setting. A new generation high performance brushless motor, low power consumption, ultra quiet bass, maximize wind output and quick start technology. This USB Tower Fan adopts ABS shell and tower style appearance design, which is smart, portable and fashionale. It is suitable for connection to the USB interface of a computer. An air current is generated due to the rotary motion of the rotor. Besides, it has the function of refrigeration, which is a device your office or study can’t do without, especailly when summer is coming. 1. USB Plug and battery power 2. Super mute 3. Fashionable and portable on desk or in hand 4. No leaf air conduction. 2 speed Features 1. Voltage: DC 5V 2. Power: 2.5 W 3. Power Type: USB Plug (included) or AC Adapter (not included) 4. Design: low noise, no leaf 5. Three buttons: On/Off, Low and High 6. Applicable for: Computer USB electric appliances 7. Economize on energy, environmental protection, 2500 hours around life