Generic Medical Stone Magnetization Water Strainer

2,200 1,430

Key Features
  • Very strong Faucet filter with activated carbon 
  • Gives you high quality filtered water for drinking, cooking and other domestic uses
  • Easy to use and long lasting 
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Instant Faucet  Water Filter and Purifier helps you to obtain good and hygienic water for drinking, cooking, bathing etc. 
Features includes :Filtrate water parasites, suspended sediment and other pollutants
Effectively removes the bacteria, algae, the solubility of chlorine and harmful heavy metals(lead, cadmium, chromium, etc.) from the water
Supply of healthy water

Installed directly on the tap easily

Filtered water and unfiltered water easily switched
Filter can be repeatedly cleaned and easy to replace
With this filter, you don’t need to buy satchet or may choose stop buying bottled water or reduce your expenditure on satchet and bottle water drastically. You can refill your water dispenser and water bottles from your filtered water. 
Kindly seek a qualified plumber to fix it for you in case you are not very conversant with fixing faucet filters.