Generic Leg Muscle Building Band Exercises Looped Resistance Band For Fitness 15-45Lbs Resistance Multi Colour

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Key Features
  • Leg Muscle Building Band Exercises Looped Resistance Band for Fitness
  • Resistance training is an effective method of improving fitness, which means that it can get muscle volume and strength increased. If you are eager to improve your muscle, mobility and flexibility, a looped resistance band is the optimal choice for your fitness. 
  • Made from 100% pure natural latex.
  • Can strengthen your muscle and improve your balance, mobility and flexibility effectively.
  • Suitable for athletes, office staff, a variety of sport fans and most body builders to take outdoor exercises, gym and home exercises.
  • The looped resistance band is durable, long-lasting, effective and economical. 
  • It will increase more personal pleasure in your exercise sessions, compared with traditional fitness way.
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Product Type: Looped Resistance Band
Material: Natural Latex
Color: Purple
Suitability: For athletes, office staff, sports fans and most body builders.
Resistance Level: 15-45Lbs 
Item Size: 61 * 2.06 * 0.45cm / 24.03 * 0.81 * 0.18in (Circumference * Width * Thickness)
Item Weight: 50g / 1.78oz

Package List:
1 * Looped Resistance Band