Generic K-Type Thermocouple Wire Digital Thermometer Temperature Sensor Probe Multimeter

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Key Features
  • Color: Green
  • Measuring range: -50C°~204C°
  • Thermal response time: 1s
  • Overall dimensions :100 mm
  • Surface material: FEP plastic
  • 100% new brand and high quality
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1.100% new brand and high quality.
2.This is a reliable wire thermocouple TC-1 with a K-Type sensor.
3.The sensor is at the tip of a 3 ft long wire probe, which has a green FEP plastic coating.
4.This Teflon FEP based insulation is easier to clean than fiber glass insulation and can be used up to 204 degree Celsius.
5.The thermocouple has a miniature k-type connector that will work with digital K-type thermometers of many manufacturers, such as Fluke, Omega, Testo, BK Precision, and Nicety.
6.This k type thermocouple offer quick temperature reading.
7.This probe can used to measure air or gas temperatures, it can be attached to pipes or embedded into objects you want to measure. It also can be used in non-corrosive liquids, such as water that does not have much salt or acid in it.

1.Type: K-type probe
2.Measuring range: -50C°~204C°
3.Thermal response time: 1s
4.Overall dimensions :100 mm
5. Surface material: FEP plastic

Package included:

1 X K-Type Probe.