Generic Factory Direct 4K Sports Camera F60C HD WiFi Diving Aerial Mini Outdoor Sports Camera DV (LL)

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Key Features
  • Brand: Neutral

  • Model: F60C

  • Source category: Spot

  • Product size: 16*23*6

  • Storage medium: TF card

  • LCD screen size: 2 inches

  • Pixel range: 16M

  • Body material: silicone

  • Battery life: 90 minutes

  • The fastest shipping time: the same day

  • Whether to support a generation: Yes

  • Whether to support mixed batch: Yes

  • Time to market: 2017

  • After-sales service: store three bags

  • Packing list: Host + waterproof case + accessories
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  • product manual:

  • >Waterproof case with waterproof function, it is convenient for you to shoot wonderful water sports, waterproof case can be waterproof 30 meters deep

  • >4K HD shooting function

  • > Ultra HD display, great video for display and re-shooting

  • >The battery is detachable, it is easy to replace the battery and prolong the service life.

  • >Charging while charging

  • > plug-in video workers

  • >16 million high-definition wide-angle lens

  •  >HDMI HD output function

  • >Webcam function

  • >Support for up to 32G memory card

  • >Multiple video recording formats 1080P 720P

  • > type shooting mode: single shot automatic continuous shooting

  • >Video file sales

  • > Ultra-small mini appearance, multi-color optional.

  • Operation

  • 1. Insert the Micro SD card

  • Note: Please choose the brand’s Micro SD card. Normal neutral card can’t guarantee normal working.

  • 2. Install and remove the battery

  • A. Pulling the battery lock The battery cover will automatically pop open.

  • B. According to the direction of the positive and negative signs on the battery, correctly put the battery into the camera until it is installed.

  • C. Battery power indicator: Please refer to the on-screen battery symbol

  • D. Pull the battery lock when taking the battery. After the battery cover pops open, remove the battery.

  • 3. Battery charging

  • A. Both the computer and the power adapter can be charged.

  • B. The car charger directly connected to the car can also be charged.

  • C. You can record while charging.

  • D. The power on state can also be charged.

  • 4. Camera is turned on and off

  •   Press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds to turn on/off

  • 5. Mode conversion (Mode)

  • Press the mode button or short press the on/key after powering on to switch between recording/photographing/playback mode

  • The display is the shooting mode, the display is the shooting mode, and the logo is displayed at the top left of the screen.

  • 6. How to set photography and photography options

  • 6_1. Photography and video settings

  • Press the mode button to go to the recording mode (the default is in the recording mode). At this time, press the shooting button to start recording. At the same time, the red dot above the screen flashes while the recording button is pressed again. To set the parameters such as the resolution of the video, press the MENU button to enter the corresponding menu to set.

  •   Note: Press MENU once to enter the current mode menu. Press MENU three times to enter the system main menu.

  • 6_2 Photo and photo settings

  • Press the power button to go to the photo mode, press the capture button to take the photo.

  • To set the resolution of the photo and other parameters, press the MENU button to enter the corresponding menu to set.

  • 6_3 file storage and playback

  •  A video files and photos can be saved to a PC via a USB cable.

  •  The video or photo recorded by B can be played back by the unit or connected to the computer through the USB cable.