Generic E-water Scuba Diving Mask And Dry Top Snorkel Set With Trek Fins -Choose Your Size & Color

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Key Features

The E-water Sports Snorkel Set is protective, comfortable, and perfect for your next underwater expedition! The set comes with a No-Hassle 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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套餐包括:1 – E-WATER Sports成人和青年浮潜套装,包括干顶浮潜,钢化玻璃面罩,Trek Fins和Bag。可用颜色:黑色,蓝色和粉红色超级慢镜玻璃:我们的干顶浮潜面具的热处理玻璃镜片为您提供高级眼部防护,防刮伤和防碎裂,让您可以安全地看到它最大限度地减少了体积状语从句:视觉障碍。快速释放片段:永远不要再使用快速释放浮潜守护者系统来放松您的设置,并始终保持面罩和呼吸管一起!防水密封:硅胶裙子确保鼻子周围的防水密封,其清晰的颜色可最大限度地减少分心。可调整的面具:的面具的可调整的可调整硅树脂皮带柯林斯定制适合任何面孔形状使用我们新的旋转带扣进行调整非常简单御姐容易-拉紧即可; 同时按下旋转扣的顶部和底部的释放按钮,然后拉开面罩松开。强大的TREK FIN:带有排气叶片的短途跋涉鳍,非常适合浮潜和趴板运动,肩带可调节,让您安全舒适。BREATHE EASILY: Our dry top snorkel floating ball system allows breathing while above water and eliminates water entry while submerged. The snorkel will stabilize once above water to ensure continuous fun while ocean swimming or in your swimming pool. ADJUSTABLE MOUTH PIECE: Flexible silicone tube makes removing and using your snorkel a breeze; allows for breathing while bent! The mouth piece is very soft and made with food grade safe silicone.EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER CARE: Your E-WATER Dry Top Snorkel Set comes standard with a hassle-free 90-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, and a 1-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty from the date of purchase, which covers manufacturing and material defects. BONUS: Set includes a drawstring gear bag for quickly drying and storing your snorkel kit.