Generic Athletic Fitness Black Training Mask 3.0

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Dial Up The Intensity with Training Mask 3.0

The TrainingMask 3.0 Performance Breathing Trainer is a cutting edge respiratory conditioning device that will take your workouts and fitness to a whole new level. TrainingMask 3.0 is powered by the revolutionary NXT FORC3 air flow platform which was precision crafted to apply variable levels of load to the respiratory muscles via dial-able air flow adjustment. Performance breathing with the TrainingMask 3.0 makes your respiratory muscles stronger and more efficient; this gives you access to unparalleled workout stamina, endurance, and recovery. Defeat training fatigue and stay stronger longer with the TrainingMask 3.0.

  • WE ARE THE FACE OF FITNESS: Training Mask increases workout capacity to reduce training fatigue & improve stamina

  • TURBOCHARGE YOUR ENDURANCE: Respiratory conditioning improves tolerance for high intensity workouts

  • DIAL UP THE INTENSITY: TrainingMask 3.0 features 6 workout intensity levels at the turn of a dial

  • CUTTING EDGE CONDITIONING: Features Reinforced Composite Rubber Mask & CryoActiv Performance Sleeve

  • TESTIMONIAL: 3.0 rocks! The mask and sleeve are super light weight and the seal is tremendous.