Generic 18 Inches LED Ring LIGHT

35,000 29,450

Key Features

  • Suitable for makeup artists
  • 240 surface-mount SMD LEDs
  • Color Temperature
  • Low Power Draw of 55w
  • Runs on 240v
  • Ball Head and Smartphone Holder
  • Aluminum Stand
  • White and Orange Color Filter Sets

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Ring Light

This Ring
Light is suitable for outdoor photo light, filling light indoors, portrait,
fashion, wedding, art, advertisement, photography video shoot and lots more.

 It absolutely easy to get a sensational and glitzy appearance in your
photo and video shoots. This ring light is most suitably used in a close up
position to the subject with the camera mounted in the center of the ring. The
glamorous soft light glow is designed to surround the subject. This ring light
can point to the subject from all angles. It also has a unique effect as a
catch light. In fact, the circular “halo” illumination will be
reflected in your subject’s eyes. .