Firman Generator 0.9KvA SPG1200 – Black

35,510 31,000

Key Features
  • Type: Manual Generator
  • Capacity: 0.9KVA
  • Single Phased
  • Low Budget Generator
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SUMEC Firman
Advanced & equipped for integrated power solution
generator sets ranked first for six consecutive years among brands of
exported portable Gasoline Generator in China. Leading the power
products market with a fevered dedication to providing quality products
and service to the global market, SUMEC Machinery and Electric Co. Ltd.
are committed to creating stable, highly-efficient, clean generating
equipment and integrated power solution for customers to obtain reliable
power supply, reduce energy consumption, save operation and maintenance
(O&M) costs.
Sumec SPG1200 0.9KVA (Manual) Generator
Power on Demand
Generators provide Power on Demand. Powering over 150 million watts
worldwide, you and your family will have a level of safety and comfort
at home, during outdoor activities and on the job site. Our portable
generators are equipped to support critical backup power, on the job
site, while making tailgating and camping delightful. Plus, Firman
Generators feature dependable Kohler Engines, packed with power and
reliability, while supporting your needs with features that include
electric and remote start.
The Sumec SPG1200 0.9KVA (Manual) Generator is a highly durable low budget, single phased generator.
All SUMEC FIRMAN products are equipped with:
Perfect capacity and reliability.
Powerful: rapid start with sufficient output.
Durable: 1200 hours long operation, brand-new as before.
Reliable: 1200 hours long continuous operation, need no repair.
Environment friendly: environmental design of low noise as well as low level emission.