Fashion Crystal Bridesmaid Flowers White/Purple Valentines Gift

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Key Features


Perfect for wedding celebration, party, ball, outdoor, photography and wedding photos, etc.

High simulation degree, more beautiful than real bouquet.

Environmental protection and no smell, durable.

Dazzling bride bouquet adds romance and magnificence to your wedding, making bride more noble and elegant.

Elegant and fantastic party bouquet. 

With high-grade lace and pearl handle, creating fantastic and upscale wedding.

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Material: Ribbon

Color: White / Purple (Optional)

Size: Approx 27 * 20 * 20cm / 9.1 * 5.1 * 5.1in 

Weight: 434g / 15.3oz

Package Size: Approx 37 * 30 * 17cm / 14.5 * 11.8 * 6.7in

Package Weight: 462g / 16.3oz