Caoben Shou Magic Wonder Weight Loss Fat Burner And Fat Tummy Slimming Patch

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Key Features
  • Lose weight easily without strenuous exercises
  • Gain your sexy, slim fit figure as a woman
  • Get your flat tummy without going through surgery
  • Burns fat and enhances metabolism
  • Portable and lightweight, it is convenient to carry and anytime use.
  • Do not need to exercise and diet, can naturally create slim body shape without rebound.
  • Natural herbal ingredients, safe and no stimulation.
  • A reliable weight-losing product, helping you recover a healthy, slim, attractive body shape.
  • Light and handy; having excellent breathability, will not cause much discomfort during long time use
  • With good adhesive effect, the patch can be easily attached to the lower part your navel.
  • Natural plant extracts, made of high quality traditional Chinese medicinal materials.
  • This magical slimming patch is designed for reshaping your body. 
  • Removes cellulites
  • Very fast results
  • 100% natural extract
  • Zero side effect
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Belly Slimming Patch – Best Selling secret weight loss system Main components are natural ingredients (Sophori coside, Salicornia herbacea, Capsaicin, Catechin, Caffeine). Safe and clinically proven.It has been recognized as Korea’s No one secret weight loss system Removes cellulites, Burns fat and enhances metabolism US FDA approved
The Abdomen Belly Slimming Patch is safe and is clinically proven. It has been recognized as Korea’s No 1 Best Selling secret weight loss system. Main components are natural origin ingredients (Sophori coside, Salicornia herbacea, Capsaicin, Catechin, Caffeine). It is totally risk-free, skin friendly and enhances metabolism.

The patch will burn the fat and reduce your weight.
This is a Weight Loss patch, one to be attached to the area below your navel every night before you go to bed.Remove it the next morning. You will lose weight and slim fit without undergoing any strenuous exercise with this highly effective product. 
Please note:* You need to drink a lot of water because you will lose weight* In the first few days of using this product, your stool will be oily. Not too worry, your body fats are coming out* If you are pregnant, don’t use* Not suitable for children* Attach not more than one patch per day for 8hrs ( from night till morning)*Store in a cool, dry and dark atmosphere*

           Daily, 1 piece should not be posted more than 8 hours each time, the foil directly attached to the skin. If you feel hot, this is a normal burning fat. 4-weeks per course of treatment. Insist on a course. You will have the perfect body!

TIPS: Do not use too long. 8 hours is recommended time. Reasonable time frame is 3-8 hours. After you try a few times, you will be able to find a suitable time!