BLUE GATE UPS – BG653 Elite Pro

14,000 12,450

Key Features
  • Lightening and surge protection 
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • 653VA Bluegate 
  • Transfer Time: Typical 2 – 7mins Maximum 10mins
  • Energy saving function with UPS green mode 
  • Line Interactive design 
  • Fully digitized microprocessor controlled 
  • SMD technology 
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NOTE: *Charge for 24 full hours before use. Do NOT

Blue Gate UPS systems are some of the most dependable
UPS (Uninteruptible Power Supply)) in the Nigerian market. Bluegate UPS is
reliable, making the brand-name popular for UPS.

The 653VA Bluegate UPS is an entry level unit, good
for your PC and other basic load. It will provide sufficient backup time to
quickly complete and save your work.

Product OverView 

Green Indicator Light – Indicates AC Output. It illuminates continuously
when the utility power is on 

Yellow Indicator Light – indicates battery status. It flashes when it is
charging and illuminates continuously when it is fully charged 

Red Indicator Light – Indicates DC Output. It flashes when it is
charging and illuminates continuously when it is fully charged 

Alarm Function

When the utility battery is about to run out, the UPS emit an audible
alarm once every 2 seconds 

When the battery runs out of power, the UOS emit an audible for a long
time and shut down automatically.


Battery overcharging protection. When the battery discharges  and
the UPS is in inverter mode, the UPS will execute a self test of the battery
working status. When the battery voltage drops to the limit lowest voltage, the
UPS will shut down automatically to protect the battery. When utility power is
restored, the UPS will restart automatically.

Short Circuit Protection. When the UPS battery mode with electric shock
or short-circuit, and UPS will shut down automatically. 

Notice: Please charge 24hrs prompt before use, failure to do o might result in damaging the battery of the UPS and you might not be able to claim warranty. So please charge as instructed 

Secondly, this UPS is not that big, it is the smallest one, mind the load you put on it, it can damage the device when you put too much load on it. It is simple to hold you system or TV while you head on to turn on your generator. it can last the 2-7mins and maximum of 10mins