Binatone Blender/Smoothie Maker-BLS 350 MK2

15,000 11,000

Key Features
  • 1.25L Capacity
  • 2 speed and pulse mode
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Splash-proof lid
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Binatone Blender/Smoothie maker is a must-have kitchen appliance for every home. It is a safe and healthy way of blending and grinding food in the kitchen. It is better than the old and crude way of grinding pepper in our homes. Staying healthy requires that you eat balanced meals, to help you prepare these meals conveniently; you need the right appliances. This Binatone Blender/Smoothie will make food preparing a fun thing to do. We have different types of food that need to be prepared various ways. It can be used to prepare your favorite fruit juices, milkshakes, and other cocktails.If you are a coffee lover, it will help you grind your coffee beans, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, meats, coconuts, and spices. It has been equipped with the facility to add ingredients during blending and making of smoothie. It has a cord storage place and dips for easy storage after use. The blender has a 2‐speed level control and another speed level for extra strong blending. This blender can be used both in your home and by a chef in hotels and restaurants. It is energy and time saving; you will be glad you made the purchase on Jumia. It has a durable steel blade that will last longer and it is powered by a 300W engine.