Azzaro Wanted By Night Eau De Parfum 100ml For Men

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Key Features
  • High Class Blended Niche
  • Sensual
  • Elegant
  • EDP
  • 100ml
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Azzaro Wanted by Night is the
fragrance of a modern day seducer. An extraordinary man. Elegant, Bold,
Mysterious, he is surrounded by air of confidence and power. Whether night or
day, he attracts and arouses desire. For him, it’s an endless night; and for
them, it’s a one on one moment that they will never forget.


Azzaro Wanted by Night is announced
as an explosive woody and spicy oriental of unabashed sensuality, a blend of
temptation and masculinity. The composition mixes exotic woods and spices, and
highlights the three main accors: cinnamon, red cedar and tobacco. The Azzaro Wanted Man is hedonist and rebellious, all eyes are on him. He takes chances, trust his instincts and lives as he pleases.


The cylindrical Azzaro Wanted bottle
is transformed with chrome-plated cap with an elegant dark smoky lacquer to
contrast the amber fragrance within. Launched in 2018 as a sensual evening edition.