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Ensure reliable power is delivered to you equipment at all times with the APC SMART-UPS RT 20KVA RM 230V. It can be installed with single or three-phase input wiring, and connected to two separate power sources for increased availability. It features ten output connectors and an average battery run time of up to 8.3 minutes. The PSU provides power when utility power is not available, and the automatic internal bypass supplies utility power to connected loads in the event of UPS overload or fault. Equipment is automatically restarted when power returns, and the PSU gives a warning when a battery is unavailable to provide backup power. Clean, uninterrupted power is provided while batteries are being replaced. The power supply unit allows you monitor the health status and expected run time of external batteries. The LCD display shows system parameters and alarms for easy management. The removable input/output wiring tray allows for quick and easy installation and maintenance, while FTP can be used for installing firmware remotely.